Incense Resins and Herbs, Smudge Sets & Altar Tools

We offer a wide variety of natural loose incense made from Tree Resins, Herbs, and Roots. This collections also offers beautiful hand crafted smudge fans, feather fans, talking sticks, shamanic wands, and hand carved ceremonial wood bowls. 

 Resins and herbs have served mankind for many thousands of years in so many ways. The burning of resins and herbs has been a spiritual practice in a wide variety of cultures all around the world. From simply relaxing, cleansing auras and energies, meditations and ceremonies. You can use these to bring harmony, peace, and protection to yourself and your surroundings . Scents from sweet to spicy, woodsy and earthy, the resins and herbs can be burnt alone or blended for an intriguing essence to fill your home or space. 

Individual 1/2 ounce incense bags are available, as well as smudging sets. 

Room sprays and Smudge Sprays are also available in this collection. 

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